May 8, 2011

FxCop Integrator 1.4.0 Planned Feature Set

After I released FxCop Integrator 1.3.0 on Apr 24 2011, I received some bug reports. The cause of them is the "Code Analysis on Build" feature that is implemented in 1.3.0. I don't know why, but event handlers of Visual Studio build events, are used by this feature, don't work in VS2010 SP1. So I immediately released 1.3.0p1 that is disabled this feature.

In 1.4.0, I'll enable the "Code Analysis on Build" feature again. I plan to implement it with a different way, thus it should be able to be used on VS2010 SP1.

I also plan to implement following features,

Enable customization of data grid of code analysis result window. I'll enable data grid of code analysis result window to sort, show/hide columns and persistent column settings.

More useful error report window. I'll add the error report window that makes it easy to send feedback.

I'll release FxCop Integrator 1.4.0 in May 22 2011.

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