Apr 25, 2011

FxCop Integrator 1.3.0 Released

I've just released FxCop Integrator 1.3.0 in Apr 24 2011. This version contains new features: "Code Analysis on Build" and "FxCop Dictionary Support". I also fixed some bugs.

FxCop Integrator 1.3.0 available here. Please try it and send me to feedback.

Apr 4, 2011

FxCop Integrator 1.3.0 Planned Feature Set

After I released FxCop Integrator 1.2.0, I got some bug reports and suggestion of new features from users. I'll fix and implement them as possible.

The following are planned features of FxCop Integrator 1.3.0.

Code Analysis on Build
This is like "Code Analysis on Build" of Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate or Premium.
This feature allow you to perform code analysis automatically when you build a project. And you can select whether or not FxCop Integrator should break build if code analysis result has error.

Code Analysis Configuration Editor of ver1.3.0

FxCop Dictionary Support
FxCop contains some naming rules and supports "Custom Dictionary" to allow you to customize them. Ver1.3.0 will support to pass a dictionary file to FxCop. In addition, ver1.3.0 will contain FxCop dictionary editor.

FxCop Dictionary Editor of ver1.3.0

Silverlight Project Support
Ver1.2.0 couldn't analyze a Silverlight project. Because silverlight assemblies are located in %PROGRAMFILES%\Reference Assemblies\Microsoft\Framework\Silverlight\vx.x not GAC and FxCop Integrator cound't specify reference assemblies to FxCop.
This problem will be solved in ver1.3.0.

FxCop 1.36 Support
Now I'm implementing the parser of FxCop 1.36 analysis report. The next version of FxCop Integrator will support to analyze with FxCop 1.36.

Custom Ruleset Selection
The code analysis configuration editor of ver1.3.0 will support to select a ruleset file that is located in any folder.